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Bridges Or Viaduct Construction Method

PSC Freyssinet set high and specified performance in construction methods and system for a wide range of civil engineering, such as cast-insitu viaduct or bridge, incremental launching, overpasses erection and precast segmental erection.

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Circular Stuctures

The circular shape enables structures to withstand radial pressure without flexion and its application is common in dams or tunnel linings, structures where the external pressure indues a compression. When, on the contrary, a structure must withstand internal pressure such as water tanks, LNG tanks or silos, the peripheral wall is submitted to an axial tensile force and prestressing proves neccessary, in order to maintain the integrity and event the watertightness of the tight envelope

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Stay Cable Bridge

Freyssinet stay cable system able to add the economic advantage, such as cost of supply and installation, reliability and durability. The stay cables made up of strands protected by galvanization and individual sheaths which able to increase the mechanical strength, remarkable corrosion strength and exceptional fatigue strength. The system also made the cable easy to inspect, re-tension or replace.

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