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Modern architecture places more and more emphasis on the necessity of providing large uninterrupted floor space, flexibility of internal layout, versatility of use and freedom of movement. All these are facilitated by the use of post-tensioning in the construction of concrete floor slabs, giving large clear spans, fewer columns and supports, and reduced floor thickness.

PSC Freyssinet can provide design assistance at any stage, such as feasibility studies, conceptual layout, structural analyses, selection of frames, complete design computations, and preparation of construction drawings and stressing data.

The post-tensioning techniques developed by Freyssinet has led us presence on all large project where post-tensioning involved, such as buildings, silos, water tanks, liquefied natural gas tank and bridges.


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Suspension Bridge

PSC Freyssinet set high and specified performance in construction methods and system for a wide range of civil engineering, such as cast-insitu viaduct or bridge, incremental launching, overpasses erection and precast segmental erection.

Stay Cable Bridge

Freyssinet stay cable system able to add the economic advantage, such as cost of supply and installation, reliability and durability. The stay cables made up of strands protected by galvanization and individual sheaths which able to increase the mechanical strength, remarkable corrosion strength and exceptional fatigue strength. The system also made the cable easy to inspect, re-tension or replace.


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Repairs and Strengthening

Freyssinet's heritage includes many inventions that have marked the construction industry. Strengthening using composite materials plays an important part among a wide range of techniques that PSC Freyssinet uses in its work on buildings, industrial sites, bridges and water retaining structures. We will provide investigation and analysis services, and then provide a complete design of solutions and propose a most economic and feasible repair and strengthening method to our clients.

Repair and Strengthening by using Composite Materials

Carbon Fibre Fabric (TFC)

Carbon Fibre Fabric (TFC) was developed by Freyssinet with a group of French partners in 1996 and quickly became indispensable for maintenance, repair and strengthening. The performance of TFC has been demonstrated in a large number of laboratory tests and was approved by a CSTB approval note in 2000.

Other Repair and Strengthening Method

External post-tensioning method and epoxy resin crack injection.


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Other Products and Services


Tetron CD pot bearing

The Tetron CD pot bearing is composed of an elastomer disk confined in a cylindrical space limited by a hollow base (the pot) and a piston. Thus the elastomer behaves like an uncompressible liquid. It can transmit very high loads and absorb rotations of the structure. If the pot bearing is provided with a sliding plate, it becomes multi-directional and a guide can be added to make it single directional. There are three available pot bearing types which are fixed, free sliding and guided sliding.

CIPEC Expansion Joint

CIPEC expansion joints are designed to enable continuous traffic between two structures, accommodating structural movements due to creep, shrinkage effects, temperature variations and deformations under live load. They are suitable for all reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite and steel structures, and particularly for bridge decks. There are three range of expansion joints which are small movement expansion joints (JEP, WR and WOSd), medium movement joints (Wd) and large movement joints (WP).


Elastomeric bearings

A laminated elastomeric bearing is an elastomeric rubber block reinforced with steel plates vulcanised when built, This bearing is the connection between a structure and its support, and should make possible elastic deformation when transmission of normal forces, horizontal movement, rotation of the structure in any direction and transmission of horizontal forces (within defined limits). There are four types of elastomeric bearings which are standard bearings, bearings with anchor plates, bearing with sliding surface and restrained bearings.


Freyssibar developed by Freyssinet, this prestressing system comprises of a wide range of fully threaded bar and complementary anchoring, coupling and extension devices. It is used for post-tension cables, prestressed ground anchors, and for any application involving temporary or permenant tie rods, such as lifting, suspension, prestressed splices, etc. The bars are hot rolled from high strength alloyed steel. The standard range of nominal diameters are 26.5mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm and 50mm. Larger diameter bars can be delivered on request.



Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment

PSC Freyssinet provides consultancy services, investigation services and monitoring systems to assess the health of an existing structure to private owners, contractors and consultants. Our professional devote themselves to understanding the risks of deterioration for structures and implements software solutions, inspection, maintenance and monitoring systems to ensure structures are durable and serviceable at low cost.

Mircopiling services

Micropile can be installed with relatively small drilling equipment by rotation drilling method, single or in group, under limited access and low headroom conditions. It can also reduce or eliminates the risk of structural damages caused due to vibrations. Micropile is very feasible when it is used in extension or addition and alteration projects. PSC Freyssinet involved in more than 40 micropilling works in extension or addition and alteration projects since 1985.

Other Services

  • Replace of bearings and road joints.
  • Cut and re-tension existing tendon in post-tensioning floor (e.g. create opening on existing post-tensioning floor).
  • Structural lifting work.
  • Post-tensioning tie-back work.


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