About us

We began operations in Singapore in 1976 and have since expanded to stage where we now provide employment for more than 150 persons.

Our core business is in prestressing and over the years we have taken in other specialist activities such as structural strengthening, bridge construction methodologies, bridge stay-cable technologies and systems and specialist products such as bearings and movement joints.

Freyssinet Group

PSC Freyssinet (Singapore) is a member of Freyssinet Group of Companies and as such, uses, develops and promotes ideas and innovations of the Group in all areas of specialist engineering. We have access to the vast resources of the Group which has offices in some 50 countries around the world.

Our Freyssinet Group Technical Department which is based in Paris continually improves existing engineering methods, and at the same time researches and develops new ideas and engineering solutions.

URL: http://www.freyssinet.com